College Recruiting

You don’t need previous experience to work at City Furniture. Instead, we look for eager, driven and friendly people who understand the importance of great customer service.

Graduate to a lucrative career.

Working in the home furnishings industry is much different than any other retail function. We’re building relationships with our customers, so it’s more than just a transaction. It’s about establishing trust through genuine relationships—and creating loyal customers who come back for your service time and time again.

Manager In Training

If you're interested in a career in sales management, our Manager in Training (MIT) program is the perfect opportunity for you to develop your skills and fast-track a successful career in sales management.

  • Grow your management and leadership skills
  • Become an expert in customer service
  • Learn how to meet or exceed ambitious sales goals
  • Develop strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Strengthen your teamwork skills
  • Learn how to manage a store and lead a team

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Sales Internships

Work alongside the best managers and sales professionals in South Florida and get a head start on your career. We’re looking for ambitious interns to join our 10-12 week Sales Internship Program—where you’re guaranteed to earn $500 per week or your commission—whichever is greater. Most of our interns are invited to join our Sales Manager in Training Program upon Graduation.

I got my start at City Furniture in 2003 as a Manager in Training. I had never sold a candy bar in my life, but once I started getting it - it was one of the greatest feelings I've ever had.
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Refine your skills, and build your career.

City Furniture strongly believes in promoting from within, so we work closely with each of our associates to develop a career path that fits their interests. When you start in our showrooms, you’ll learn the basics of our industry - while gaining the skills and knowledge to grow into future roles.